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3 Days in Innsbruck

Hello from Innsbruck. It is the end of October and we are somewhere in between Fall and in winter from the looks of it. Aski is in Hong Kong and I decided to book a 3 day trip to Innsbruck, Austria. I actually did not know much about Innsbruck but I was quick to buy my plane ticket after seeing just one photo of this gorgeous city surrounded by Mountains. Day 1: I got my flight from London Gatwick Airport. It cost me £90 for a return flight. Trust me, I could have booked a cheaper deal BUT it is still a great deal because a week later, I checked the flight for one of my girlfriends and the flights were £200+. 
Moving on, got to Innsbruck at 2pm and the central city is not too far away from the airport. There is literally a 12 minute bus from the Airport to the city. I got to my hotel, Adlers Hotel in Innsbruck. It is located very well and so I quickly checked in, left my stuff in the room and ran out to explore the city. I wanted to keep it super chill for the first day and so I started…

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