This is the first post on our Blog and it's about a crucial factor in traveling, Packing.  

What you pack is very important. You do not want to leave anything behind that you might need during your trip so here's how we packed for our upcoming travel. 

First thing's first, depending on how long your trip is, I would suggest that don't pack too crazy. Make sure you only pack the things you really need. Our Italy trip is six days long and since we are traveling during April, Italy is quite pleasant so no need to pack big jackets or sweaters. We are carrying a 24-inch Bag which is a good size for a 4-7 day trip. 

For me, I will be packing the following clothes:
2 jeans 
2 Cardigans 
2 dresses 
2 Shirts
1 Jumper 
4 Hijabs (coz ladies, you know)  
1 pair of Slippers
4 pairs of socks 
and Adidas Superstar

For him:
2 Jeans 
4 T-Shirts 
1 Light Jacket 
1 Denim Jacket 
4 pairs of socks 
and Next Boots 

Other than this, he will be carrying his backpack and I will be carrying my shoulder bag which will consist of:

DSLR Camera 
Polaroid Camera 
Polaroid Films 
A laptop 
Travel log 
and Tripod 

*I love this Jumper of mine*
These are a few major things that everyone packs before going on a trip but we should never forget to pack toiletries, toothbrushes, a tube of toothpaste, moisturizer, deodorant, etc.

For everyone who is "Makeup Obsessed", DON'T TAKE ALL OF IT!!!!!
 I know Make-up is bae but we have to be mindful of the luggage space and that we'll have to manage all of it on our trip so take as little as possible. Don't think that Oh it's just a little makeup because if you take every little thing you'll be tempted to use all of it. The primer, foundation, face powder, bronzer, blusher, ETC! If we use all of it, it'll take us more time to get ready so let's just pack a few essential makeup items that will be good enough and will be space friendly too. 

Anyway, after all the packing, it's always a good idea to weight the bag so that you won't have to deal with any sort of a heartbreak at the airport when you are away from your home, flight is about to leave and the only option you are left with is either to throw away the stuff or pay extra $$$ for the weight. 

I will leave you with that, tomorrow we leave for Italy and we can't be more excited. 

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