Bestfriend, Travel and Trust

This post is dedicated to a girl who I love so so so much that bestfriend or sister is not the right word to explain her importance in my life. She is a big part of my support system.

Meet my BEST GIRL, Yasmin Sharif. We became friends back in High school. In the bathroom of our high school where I was washing my face after crying because basically in that moment I felt like I don't belong. High school is a weird time because, I feel like, that's when you are on the biggest emotional roller coaster of all time. I was liked making friends, interacting with people but I went through a year in my life when I just wanted to be by myself. Anyway, I was in a very sucky place that day and Yasmin seeing me there asked me,"Are you okay?". I had seen her around school but we never had any classes together and we just never spoke to each other before this moment. I said,"Yeah I am fine." Later that day, we added each other on Facebook and she asked me again that if I am okay. I don't know why but I poured my heart out and told her why I was upset today at school and how I just don't like living in America because I feel different than everyone else. Long story short, we became friends because this girl in my grade showed empathy towards me in a time when I felt alone at the age of 15.

After that day, our friendship just grew stronger and stronger. Over the years we bonded over the cultural similarities, our love for creativity, our love for God's beautiful creations and our love for food. hehe. I mean Biryani, Bariis, Canjeera are just BAE!

 A little about Yasmin before we move further. She is a college student working on earning her Undergrad degree in San Diego, California at the moment. Along with being a college student, she is also a kick-ass photographer @Capturedbyyasmin. Passion for photography is something we share. While living in San Diego, we spent a lot of time together. I often used to go to Yasmin's house and there I learned a lot about Somali culture and realized how many similarities there are in my culture and Yasmin's culture. I always referred to my friend's parents as Uncle/Aunty but since day one, I call Yasmin's mom "Hoyo" which means Mother in Somali.

I moved to San Francisco after 2 years of our friendship but I traveled back each year (haven't missed a year so far) to San Diego to meet Yasmin and my other bestfriend, Yasmeen. Yes, I have two bestfriends with the same name. I became friends with Yasmeen in High school as well and we were the bestfriend trio. I will tell you about Yasmeen some other day but today we talk about Yasmin. Wow! Way to confuse you guys.

Anyway, so I have always been in love with traveling and I always used to ask Yasmin that let's plan a trip together but it was on me because I used to travel a lot, move around a lot and so we couldn't plan something outside of San Diego. Even when Yasmin traveled to San Francisco, I was traveling to some other place but finally, we got to plan a trip together and it was AH-MAZING! NEW YORK!!!! I mean, does it get better than this? First trip with the Best friend and to the city that I am so in love with. It wasn't my first time in New York but it was still amazing because I was with my best girl.

Before I get into the New York trip details, remember how I told you guys about me and Yasmin bonding over our love for food? You have no idea how many times we just sat in the back of our school library and brought each other food. Countless glasses of smoothies from Robeks (man I miss peanut butter smoothie from there) and turkey sandwiches. But our food obsession wasn't just limited to this.

 See, in order for a friendship to grow strong and stay strong, you must understand and respect each other's weirdness and obsessions. Let me tell you about the time Yasmin drove 45 minutes just for me to get that peanut butter smoothie from Robeks. When I lived in San Diego, that was my obsession. When I moved to San Francisco, the closest Robeks was 50 miles away. Whenever I visited San Diego, Yasmin took me to Robeks. I mean bestfriend of the year. Yeah? But this one time, I had a new obsession. SNOW MONSTER. Closest one was in Irvine which took us about 3 hours to get to. It was me, Yasmeen and Yasmin. We drove to Irvine just because of my obsession with Snow Monster and it was worth it! :D When it was time to get back, I started panicking because I had a flight to catch from San Diego to Toronto and online it showed brutal traffic so I wasn't sure if we'll make it but we did! I got on my flight to Toronto and had an awesome time in Canada. So a bestfriend like her, drove me literally for 6 hours in total for a desert. tee-hee

Our New York trip was planned after my Canada trip. I was traveling from London to San Francisco to San Diego to Toronto to New York to New Jersey to San Francisco and then back to London. While I was planning this trip, I asked Yasmin if she would like to come to New York with me and she did!!! I arrived at Newyork from Toronto by bus and she flew from San Diego to JKF Airport. We decided on spending three days together in NYC and this is how they went.

We decided to stay in a hostel in Brooklyn which we loved! It was my idea to stay in a hostel because it helps you meet other travelers and I simply love the hostel vibe. So we stayed at a hostel in Brooklyn and first evening we just walked around New York streets. This might sound like a major cliche and New Yorkers might simply resent me for it but my favorite place is the time square. I am a person that loves lights and every time I visit new york, I just spend a good amount of time in Time Square and at the end of each day, I end up there. I was so glad that Yasmin fell in love with Newyork instantly (I mean who wouldn't). And so our first evening in the city was pretty much letting the idea of us being in New York sink in.

Day 2 of our trip started with us exploring Brooklyn than we headed to Brooklyn Bridge which is a must go place for anyone traveling to New York. This day was a pretty touristy sort for us. Went to Brooklyn Bridge, rode a ferry, walked around NY Soho, went to the top of the Empire state building and watched the sunset there. Later we enjoyed some yummy halal food from the carts that are at the corner of literally every block in Newyork. We ended our day again at Time Square because you know, I can't get enough of it.

 Our last day was pretty chill. We discussed whether to go to the Central Park or to Korea town, Yasmin picked Korea town, so we went around China town and Korea town. Explored a nice little cafe in Korea town and just walked around.

This trip was short but man it was amazing. It will always be so special to me because after years and years of traveling and being in love with traveling, I finally traveled with one of my best friends and we made it count.

Today I am proud to say that after supporting each other for 6 years, we are extremely close. Since I have moved out of America, we may not speak every day but that doesn't change the fact that we are still best buddies and will always stay the same. I have so much love and respect for this girl in my heart and I hope it just grows over time.


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