Tea time at Maitre Choux

Tea time at Maitre Choux, Soho

Joakim Prat is from Biarritz in south-west France and has brought us some insanely delicious pastries. After his first branch in South Kensington, Maitre choux opened their second one in London Soho and we couldn't wait to visit it. On a rainy, cold day in London, we decided to stop by Maitre choux and try some of their delicious Eclairs and Choux.

Disclaimer: Their Eclairs consist of Gelatin but the flavors which we tried are Vegetarian and Halal friendly. I was so ecstatic that the two flavors I had my heart set on have no Gelatin.

We tried:
Pure Arabica Coffee
Dark Chocolate
with Dark Chocolate Choux
and Earls Grey Tea

The eclairs have a delicious, rich taste. The size was decent and it did not make us feel like we were having something heavy which was great. The Earls Grey Tea was a great combination of the Eclairs and Choux. The Customer service was great and friendly. Sitting by the window, sipping tea and watching the rain was so lovely.

My winner was the Pure Arabica Coffee flavor and his winner was Hazelnut. I was really looking forward to trying the Pistachio one but since it has Gelatin in it, I failed to do so. Good news is that by the spring of this year, Maitre Choux told us, they will make all their Eclairs consist of Fish gelatin which will allow the flavors to be Halal friendly.
As a cafe lover and food lover, I require the space to be aesthetically pleasing, the staff to be friendly and the food to be top notch delicious. Maitre Choux checks off all the things on our list. I would rate our overall experience at Maitre Choux 9/10. 1 point because I couldn't try my Pistachio Eclairs. By next spring, that 9 will turn into a 10.


  1. Those eclairs look so tempting! Glad they’re making all of them Halal friendly. Do you know which fish they’ll use for making the gelatine, as all the fish aren’t considered Halal by us.


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