Poppies near me

On a regular Monday morning, I woke up and found myself wanting to go on a Photowalk! Now, photowalks are a normal part of my week but this time I wanted to explore a whole new place that I haven’t been to before. Here is when the Poppies adventure started. 

After moving to England, it didn’t take me long to realize how this country displays every season and so beautifully, at that. Last year, I found myself doing a google search on different hiking trails near me and different seasonal walks. I came across a post by a photographer from West Sussex and how he found poppies on one of his walks in South Downs Way. This was Last year and I didn’t think of it until my mind took me back to this moment on a Monday morning so I just used the hashtag #SouthDowns and I found a few recent photos of Poppies by locals and I quickly left a comment under their one day old Instagram post asking whether they saw this Poppy display recently or was this a while ago. I wanted to know that if this is even a week old, I might just find them there. While I was waiting for a reply, I put my camera on Charging, I packed my backpack just in case and ironed my cloths so that if the reply is positive, I will run like the wind towards those poppy fields. 

Within an hour, I got a few replies and I looked into how to get there. A shoutout to @Angela246 @phmason224 @Vickiisted for answering my queries. According to Google maps, the closest station was Amberley Station and from there it showed me a Bus which took around 40 minutes to the White Ways Cafe. I didn’t think a place only few miles away from me should take me almost 2 hours to get there. I was ready to spent 2 hours on travel but all of a sudden the Bus frequency changed and it showed me that a Bus back from White Ways cafe is on Tuesday. That made me change my mind about the entire trip but I checked again and through those different tabs on Google maps, the car tab, the bus tab, the walking tab, the cycling tab, through those tabs I noticed that a Car is only taking 5 minutes to get me to that cafe so I looked up Taxi services near Amberley station that will pick me up from Amberley station, take me to White ways cafe and will drop me back to the Amberley station where I can get on a train back home. I called the Taxi services to make sure they will pick me up from Amberley station and will drop me back over there as well. The Taxi ride from Amberley station to White Ways Cafes cost me £10 one way. It was only a 5 minute Taxi ride but it cost me £10 because they come from a distance to pick you up and so it costs a little more. Totally Worth it. 

Next thing I know, I was at the station, buying a train ticket to Amberley station with just 3 minutes until the Train reached the platform. The train ticket cost me £13 . I was on the train and saw some beautiful views. The train ride was only 30 minutes. As I was about to reach my station, I called the taxi services and with an additional 5 minutes tax journey, I was at White Ways Cafe. 

Upon arrival, I couldn’t figure out where to go exactly but an elaborated comment from @@Vickiisted helped me understand the direction I should walk towards. I started walking towards the Top of Bury Hill. Keep in mind that you do not need to walk to Bury Hill but these fields are located between Top of Bury Hill and White Ways Cafe. 2 minutes into walking, I saw a lovely couple with a Big DSLR and I asked them if they were also looking for the poppies. They said,” yes”. They knew the exact location so we all started walking together while chatting and that’s how I became friends with a couple who traveled around as well, have a lovely 15-year-old daughter, recently moved there from Australia but they are originally from the Uk. 

Finally, I was at the Poppy fields. It took me a while to get used to the gorgeous view and it took me focus to keep reminding myself,” No, you’re not in a different country. This is just 30 minutes from your home.” I sat down on the corner of the fields and decided to finish my poppies illustration first. After that, I took a little stroll. I couldn’t get over the  beauty and the peacefulness. I was ready to live in those fields. I stayed there for around 5 hours. Just relaxing, taking photos, and admiring the views. 

Did a little drawing as well
Heading back home, I recalled something that I never let myself forget that how we are surrounded by beauty, you do not need to have a passport full of Visas, a bank account full of money or travel for thousands of miles to discover, explore and enjoy new things in life. 

I was at White Ways Cafe when I called the taxi, it came within 5 minutes. It dropped me off at Amberley station where I got my Train back home and that is how my Monday in the Poppy fields was. 

There is an entire Travel Vlog for these poppy fields which you can find here. Poppies Travel Vlog