My motivation behind starting this “Let Her” campaign was to raise the topic on why Girls in colleges and universities struggle to get permission from their parents. It all began there but eventually these two words meant more in general I wanted to talk about some other topics that come under similar struggles to girls.

A disclaimer: in the beginning of the ''Let Her'' video, I say that many of us want our daughters to get an education and we motivate them to get a bachelors degree, masters degree. Where this is true, it is also true that many girls struggle to get education which is their right. “Let Her” campaign will shine a light on that topic as well and why a girl can get education after she gets married, after she becomes a mother or any time during her lifetime. We shall touch on this very soon.

This “Let Her” campaign is not just about traveling but is about better communication between you and your daughter, sisters or
wife in order for you to support Her and help her In pursuing her DREAMS ✨❤️

We are living in a progressive time but if we don’t change our ways and mentality, we will not see that progress around us. Everyone wants to succeed but everyone’s recipe of Success is very different.

There are going to more episodes of “Let Her” coming out.


Share your Success stories or struggles with us under the Hashtag #LET_HER . You can also email us your stories or concerns or simply send us a Private message.

P.S , use the underscore so that your story is easily found under this campaign.

I would like to thank the all the amazing women for supporting this campaign and appearing in my video.
Mentioned in order of the video:

Shanya Supram
Alyne Tamir ( https://www.instagram.com/dearalyne )
Tanzila Khan ( https://www.instagram.com/ltanzilakhan )
Jaweria Nadeem
Sameen Arif
Areeba Siddiqui and Noor Unnahar ( https://www.instagram.com/ohareeba + https://www.instagram.com/noor_unnahar )
Rosy Baquedano
Kiona ( https://www.instagram.com/hownottotravellikeabasicbitch )
Razia Abidi
Maryam Hassan
Jacqueline Matara
Yasmin Sharif (https://www.instagram.com/capturedbyyasmin )
Tatheer Fatima ( https://www.instagram.com/tatheerdraws )
Marzia Ali ( https://www.instagram.com/marzia_li )
Yumna Siddiqi( https://www.instagram.com/2coffees.2go )
Susan Mehdi
Sam Levitz (https://www.instagram.com/slevitz )
Batul Fazal

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