Copenhagen Food Guide

Did someone said FOOD? 

If a city/town/country doesn’t have satisfying food, no matter how great the travel itself, if our tummy isn’t happy, we aren’t happy. Thankfully Copenhagen did not disappoint and here is a list of things we had while in Copenhagen. 

Kebabish dinner £24
First night in the city, we went to this restaurant called Kebabish. We ordered the Lahori Lamb Karhayi and Daal with Naan. I really liked the Daal better than the Karhayi. It had that authentic taste you look for with a kick of spiciness. The Lahori Lamb Karhayi was his favourite. The naans were fresh, soft and delicious. Went really well with the Daal and Karhayi. The service was mediocre but that was because they were really busy as it was just the second day of Eid. They were applogetic about the service and overall we had a good experience. Our total bill came down to £27 which I think is reasonable for two people having dinner in Copenhagen. ADDRESS: Vesterbrogade 13, 1620 København, Denmark

Did someone say Bubble Waffle? How can that be a bad choice, ever? Munchies in Copenhagen is a perfect dessert place and oh wow, their bubble waffles were on point.

Sampi Pide : 
Sampi Pied is a cute little Turkish joint in Copenhagen and on our way from looking for the giants, we stopped at Sampi Pied. We ordered one pide met hakket oksekød which is basically tomatoes, chillies, beef meat, pepper fruit, onion and capsicum. We asked them to make is extra extra spicy and they didn’t let us down. I enjoyed everybite of it. The size of Pied was filling. The service was quick and friendly and the location of the restaurant was convinient too. Our total came down to £7 .

Gorm’s Pizza: 
Gorm’s Pizza making Pizza how it is meant to be. We ordered two pizzas. Margarita and Denny’s Special. Margarita is always a good idea. The sauce was so rich and with that crunchy crust, it went really well. Denny’s Special was a whole new level with the addition of Potatoes, Goat Cheese and Rosemary on that crust, it just made us fall in love. We liked both pizzas but Denny’s Special was our favourite. Our waitress, Olivia, was super kind and helpful in guiding us and helping us choose which pizza we should get. The location was great too and the shining fun made is even better when we sat outside, enjoyjng our meal. 

Address: Tivoli Food Hall, Bernstorffsgade 3, 1577 København, Denmark

Price: DKK 100 Margarita Pizza
DKK 90 Denny’s Special 

Mcdonald’s Fries: Can be found everywhere and as he is a big fan of fries, we often got those too. 

Original Coffee: One of the places you can get spectacular views of the City center is from
The Original Coffee Terrace and their coffee was top notch as well. We go Coffee, Danish Pastry and a Croissant. 

Off and on we had Dunkin Donuts and coffee from there too but over all, we had a good taste of what Copenhagen’s food scene had to offer and we loved every bit of if. 


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